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Product​ Highlights

The​ mini​ CNC​ engraving​ machine​ with​ laser​ engraving​ is​ suitable​ for wood,​ aluminium,​ plastic,​ leather,​ and​ PCB.​ It​ can​ be​ used​ for​ both milling​ and​ laser​ engraving​ application.

Body​ with​ aluminum​ and​ acrylic,​ small​ size,​ lightweight,​ easy​ to learn.

The​ machine​ provides​ USB​ interface​ and​ GRBL​ Control.​ The​ repeat positioning​ accuracy​ is​ with​ in​ 0.1mm​ under​ no-load,​ usually​ is​ about 0.05mm.​ Laser​ is​ considered​ no-load.​ If​ used​ graver,​ the​ precision​ is depending​ on​ the​ hardness​ of​ the​ material.​ It​ can​ be​ use​ with​ CAM Design​ Software.


Advertising​ industry:​ Cutting/engraving/drilling/photo​ engraving​ on wood,​ MDF,​ bamboo,​ plastic,​ PVC,​ acrylic,​ two​ colors​ board,​ metals, stone​ etc

Manufacturing​ industry:​ Engrave,​ cut,​ drill,​ brand​ logo​ engraving​ on copper,​ aluminum,​ etc

Furniture​ making:​ Wood​ door​ artwork​ engraving,​ wave​ boards making,​ 3d​ photo​ engraving,​ small​ or​ large​ relief​ works,​ 3d​ photo engraving​ etc

Artwork​ industry:​ Figure​ engraving,​ character​ engraving​ and cutting,​ name​ brand​ making,​ small​ gift​ cutting,​ souvenirs​ making, Carving​ various​ decoration​ letters,​ figures​ etc

Model​ making​ to​ cut​ materials​ into​ different​ shapes​ for​ models making

Stamps​ making​ industry:​ Carving​ on​ many​ different​ materials​ like acrylic,​ cattle​ horn,​ plastic,​ and​ soft​ metal

Specifications​ ​for​ Spannr​ CNC​ machine

Specifications​ ​for​ Spannr​ CNC​ machine
Property Value
Laser Yes
Laser​ Power 500 mW
Wireless/Cloud​ Print Yes
Material Acrylic​ +Aluminium
Main​ Color Black/Blue/Green/Red
Body​ Covered Yes
Power​ Supply AC​ 100-240V
Power​ Output 12V​ 5A
Laser​ Wavelength 445nm
OS​ Support Windows/Linux/Mac
Controller​ Board GRBL
Communication​ port mini​ USB
Stepper​ Motor 4.4Kgcm
Main​ Purpose Wood/Laser/PCB/Acrylic​ Engraving
Supported​ Format G-Code
Engrave​ mode CNC​ +Laser​ Engraving
Continuous​ work​ time <3​ hrs
Working​ Voltage 12V
Engraving​ Area 250​ *120​ *40​ mm
Engraving​ Area​ (inches) 9.84​ *4.72​ *1.57
Weight ~5​ Kg

Components​ Specifications

​Laser​ Specifications

Laser​ Specifications
Property Value
Wave length 405nm
Laser Power 500 mW
Electric current <2A
Input voltage DC 12V
Working temperature -10 ~+40
Size 33*33*65mm
Cooling fan Yes

Spindle​ Specifications

Spindle​ Specifications
Property Value
Dimensions 260​ * 260​ * 260mm
Engraving​ Area 140​ * 90​ * 40mm
Shaft​ Diameter 5MM
Shaft​ Length 17
Body​ Length 66.7
Front​ Step​ Diameter 17.4
Assembly​ Hole​ Size M4
Front​ Step​ Height 4.7
Radiator​ Fan Yes

GRBL​ Controller​ Specifications

GRBL​ Controller​ Specifications
Property Value
Connection USB (USB-CH340)
Master chip atmel 328P
Stepper motor driver A4988
Spindle drive chip MOSFET
Support stepper motor 12V, maximum current of 2A or less
Laser engraving support Yes
Stepper controller 3
Input voltage 12 - 36V DC

Motor​ Specifications

Motor​ Specifications
Property Value
Type NEMA 17(42 mm)
Torque 4.4 kgcm (0.44 Nm)
Current 1.7 Amp
Operating Voltage 12 - 24 VDC
Step Angle 1.80
Step Angle Accuracy ± 3 Arc Minute
Ambient Temperature - 20 °C + 50 °C
Temperature Rise 800 °C Max.

Waiver of Liability


The​ receiver/purchaser​ ("Client")​ has​ agreed​ to​ order​ and​ or​ use​ various​ products​ (the​ "Products")​ from​ Spannr.io. By​ accepting​ to​ use​ and​ order​ or​ purchase​ the​ Products,​ Client​ agrees​ to​ be​ bound​ by​ the​ terms​ of​ this​ Waiver.

Release​ of​ Liability​ & ​ Limitation​ of​ Liability

Client​ acknowledges​ that​ the​ Products​ are​ of​ a ​ industrial​ nature,​ have​ not​ been​ subject​ to​ non-​ regulation​ and​ or non-industry​ testing​ and​ are​ subject​ to​ changes,​ including​ but​ not​ limited​ to,​ design,​ claims,​ physical​ properties, availability,​ pricing,​ packaging,​ etc.

Client​ further​ acknowledges​ that​ the​ improper​ use​ of​ the​ Products​ could​ result​ in​ damage​ of​ client’s​ or​ Third-party's equipment/parts/material/process​ including​ but​ not​ limited​ to,​ production​ down​ time,​ loss​ of​ Third-party​ contract, equipment​ stoppages,​ damage,​ discoloration,​ corrosion,​ process​ system​ failure,​ etc.​ Improper​ use​ of​ Products beyond​ Spannr's​ recommendations​ could​ result​ in​ health​ hazard,​ injury​ and/or​ loss​ of​ life.

Under​ no​ circumstances​ will​ spannr​ be​ responsible​ for​ any​ damage​ arising​ by​ using​ the​ machine​ provided.

Proprietary​ Information

Client​ agrees​ not​ to​ reverse​ engineer​ or​ attempt​ to​ copy​ the​ design​ or​ the​ underlying​ information​ of​ the​ Product​ or to​ send​ Product​ out​ to​ third​ party​ without​ written​ approval​ from​ us


The​ unenforceability​ of​ any​ portion​ of​ this​ Waiver​ shall​ not​ render​ the​ remainder​ of​ the​ Waiver​ invalid​ or unenforceable.


lient​ will​ be​ deemed​ to​ have​ accepted​ this​ Waiver​ by​ sampling/using/testing/evaluating​ and/or ordering/purchasing​ Products​ designated​ as​ such​ “Product​ or​ Prototype​ or​ Sample​ or​ Trial”​ and/or​ whose description​ includes​ a ​ link​ to​ this​ waiver​ and​ states​ that​ purchase​ constitutes​ acceptance.​ Spannr​ will​ at​ its​ sole discretion​ further​ require​ Client​ to​ sign​ a ​ copy​ of​ this​ waiver​ when​ deemed​ necessary.